Areas of opportunity

There are many areas you can get involved in at Gateway Waterside.

Do you have a special need?

When Jesus was living here on earth He cared about people and often supernaturally or practically met their needs. We, as Gateway Church, want our lives to reflect Jesus and to care for those around us both spiritually and practically. PAL aims to ensure that practical acts of love are shown to those in need (and sometimes those not “in need” who we wish to bless or thank), both within Gateway Church and among the wider community.

Our PAL co-ordinator is Ann Hodder. If you want to know more about PAL please complete the form to contact her.

Into the church

Pause is a heartwarming and supportive group that meets twice a month to enjoy each other’s company, drink tea and indulge in some creative crafts. The gathering provides a safe space for individuals to take a break from their busy daily routines and unwind. Members can share their thoughts and experiences, and indulge in a relaxing and enjoyable activity. With the craft sessions, members can explore and express their creativity, while learning and practicing new skills. This group is a place where people can create new friendships, find comfort and support, and put aside life’s stresses for a moment.

The Christian worship group believes in expressing their worship through dance once a month. They come from varying backgrounds and ages, but share the same faith in Jesus. During their gatherings, they dance to songs that remind them of God’s love, grace, and goodness, pray for each other, and share testimonies. Dancing is seen as an avenue to connect on a deeper level with God, allowing Him to move in their lives.

Messy Church is a way of being church for families and others. It is Christ-centred, for all ages, based on creativity, hospitality and celebration.

Within Gateway we
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